Luxury GMC SUV Limousine Service Kitchener

The Epic Limo fleet includes two luxury SUVs: 2017 GMC Yukon XL, 2017 GMC Yukon!

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Luxury SUV Limousine Service Kitchener

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many passengers can the luxury SUVs seat? 
A: The SUVs can seat 1-6 passengers.

Q: How much luggage space is in the vehicle? 
A: The SUV can hold 4 standard sized suitcases.

Q: What is the average rental cost?
A: This depends on use. The average cost is between $120-$150 for shorter trips or $50-70/hr for longer days.

Q: How far in advance it is required to book?
A: Because we have a number of SUVs in our fleet, these are available for more last minute bookings than many of our other vehicles. However, we do recommend you book well in advance to ensure the vehicle is available.

Q: Are there any potential group discounts?
A: Yes, there is a corporate discount available.

Q: What types of travel is the vehicle used for?
A: The vehicle is mostly used for corporate and airport travel.

Q: Does the SUV have an entertainment system?
A: Yes, the SUV has a state of the art ten-speaker sound and entertainment system. Fitted with in seat screens and individual controls.

Q: Does the SUV have a power source?
A: Yes, the SUV has four 12V power outlets. Whether you need your phone charged or need to plug in your computer to get some work done this vehicle can handle all of your charging needs.

Q: Does the SUV have heat and air conditioning?
A: Yes, the SUV has full heat and air conditioning, as well as rear hear and air conditioning controls. Feeling warm or cold? Set your own temperature.

Q: Does the vehicle have any sunshades?
A: Yes, the SUV has rear window sun shades.

Q: Does the vehicle have a sunroof?
A: Yes, the SUVs each have a sunroof to let extra light in and allow a different view when driving in the city.

Q: Does the SUV have a console for beverages?
A: Yes, the SUV has a 2nd row refrigerated console to keep your beverages safe and cold.

Q: Does the vehicle have heated and cooled seats?
A: Yes, the first and second row seats are heated and cooled.